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Welcome to the No.1 Scrap Metals Dealer in Cardiff, South Wales

We have a passion for scrap metals in all forms.  We're known for paying the HIGHEST PRICES for all the scrap metals in the industry.  We buy and collect Ferrous scraps e.g Iron, Cast Iron, Steel, Scrap Vehicles etc and Non-Ferrous Scrap e.g copper, brass, aluminium etc from customers who generate waste metal throughout South Wales including other surrounding areas like Newport, Caerphilly, Carmarthen, Bristol, Chepstow, Swansea etc


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These include:

Manufacturing Companies

Waste Stream

Demolition Contractors

Utility Companies

Commercial Sector Services

Municipal waste sites

Private Customers


We Purchase Catalytic Converters

Ferrous metals

At Cardiff we buy all grades of ferrous metals, small or large amounts we handle it all from household domestic items such as hoovers, kettles, toasters, washing machines, to larger industrial items such as heaters, junction boxes etc. We buy clean heavy steel, cast, cuttings and turnings and even handle extra large items that smaller scrap yards struggle to take.

Non-ferrous metals

Our yard handles all grades and volumes of non-ferrous scrap metal including aluminium, brass, copper, cable, lead, stainless steel, zinc, alloys and all. So whatever you have surplus cable, piping, taps and more we will buy it all.


We can purchase just about any metal, anywhere in South Wales. We promise a top class service, with the best prices paid and quick payment.


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