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What is a cookie?

Cookies are very small text files that a website can send to and store on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other internet enabled device to help remember preferences and deliver services. We use cookies to customise your visits to our website to your individual preferences and help us provide you with the best possible service. Most major websites use cookies and their use is standard on the Internet. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies but you can change your settings so that you are notified whenever you are sent a cookie.

Why are we telling you about them?

The Information Commissioner's Office has recently provided guidance on a new EU law that has been introduced to the UK. This means consent has to be sought if storing cookies on a website visitor's device. This law is intended to protect your privacy as a website user and respect your personal preferences regarding the use of cookies. You can read more about this on the Information Commissioner's Office's website.

We have provided this page to tell you more about the way we use cookies on this website.

How do I give consent?

Some of the cookies we use are necessary to make this website work. Others are necessary to help show us how the website is performing. Because these cookies are needed for the website to work, your consent will be implied by your continued use of the website.

Other cookies used by this website are only needed when you make use of specific functionality such as live support, or by liking or recommending our services on social media websites. These cookies are provided by the third party delivering that functionality. On this page we will tell you which functions use cookies and the third party who provides them. Your consent will be implied to these cookies only if you choose to use the specific functionality for which they are required. If you do not use the functionality, we will not use the cookie.

How we use cookies?

Please find below a list of where we use cookies in our website categorised into four groups.

Strictly necessary

These cookies are needed to make our website work. They allow us to keep your visit to the website secure and separate from any other visitor. These cookies don't gather any personal information about you.


Consent is implied when:

ASP session

You use the website


You use the website


These cookies collect information about which pages are viewed on our website. These cookies collect anonymous information about the type of browser used and the time of day the website is used. They do not capture any information that could personally identify you. We use this information to try to improve how our website works to make it as useful as possible for you.


Consent is implied when:

Google Analytics

You use the website


These cookies enable us to provide our live support and instant online quote. These cookies store unique reference numbers that allow us, and only us, to identify you. They do not store any personal information.


Consent is implied when:


You request an instant quote


You request an instant quote

Google Maps

You request an instant quote

Provide Support

You contact us using Live Support


These cookies are linked to services provided by third parties, such as 'Like' and 'Share' buttons. The third party provides these services to help make it easy for you to acknowledge that you have visited our website or appreciate our services. Where possible we will provide a link to the third party's website where you can find out more about how they use these cookies.


Consent is implied when:


You click the Facebook follow or like buttons


You click the Twitter follow or tweet buttons


You click the YouTube follow button or watch any YouTube video on our site


You click the publicly recommend on Google button


You click the AddThis share button

Don't want to receive cookies?

The AboutCookies.org website is a useful site that can give you more in depth information about cookies. It contains detailed information about how to stop your browser from accepting cookies as well as how to remove the cookies that may already have been stored. However, please be aware that this website relies on the use of cookies to perform as intended.



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